1951. My grandfather, father, myself and uncle Hans on a mission in his Army Jeep.

Real men wear cap!


I could have become a carpenter, blacksmith, house builder, gardener, graphic designer, boat builder or any other of the professions that I have tried at an amateur level over the years but somehow, in the late 1960s, I decided to find out if my amateur photographic skills were good enough to make a living.
The list of clients, since then, in the fields of advertising, design, antiques, food, house building, glass, agriculture as well as numerous papers and magazines is too long to be presented here.
Currently, my professional work is managed through Jönsson Bilder in Kristianstad, where I´ve been part owner as well as employed for many years.
And the amateur within is very much alive and kicking!

Since 1980 I live in the village Kjuge, Skåne, Sweden. Next to boulder heaven Kjugekull!