Poster delivery
31 maj, 2017

100 posters ready for shipping to Stockholm.17 kg package going to Handkraft Svea, Västerlånggatan 24, Stockholm. You can also buy the poster ” Nittionio drag och en fisk ” directly from me!

New photos
19 april, 2017

Added more pics to my site!

Dalmatiner demonstration

Easter Bouldering Kjugekull
16 april, 2017

Good cold day for Bouldering at Kjugekull with David Crawley

Bouldering Kjugekull David Crawley

9 mars, 2017

New issue of antique magazine Antik&Auktion arrive in Mailbox. Nr 4 2017 and I´m represented on 21 pages!

My New Toy
24 februari, 2017

Sold my old favourite Fuji x100s and just received one of the first x100f to reach Sweden! Very keen on trying this updated version!